Saturday, June 16, 2018

"Dog Sings Acapella"

by Harkrader
12" x 16"
Mixed Medium on Corragated Board


48" x 36"


by Harkrader

I painted a vase as primary in a composition due to the remarkable meaning that a vase conveys, A vase is a vessel that typically holds cut flowers hence its place in my ‘Corolla’ series.

My heavily textured vase is red, symbolic of strength and power as well as passion and desire. The vase’s universal feminine shape is graceful and may hold the fertilizing power of water or other life giving liquid. Feel her heavily textured veneer that is resistant to damage or adverse effects—but is fragile too.

This vase is native earth—a female deity. A vase is a maternal wellspring and for that reason controls eternal life. The vase is sexual and nurturing, with a womb-like function that stores, transports, serves and quenches thirst. Her shape is calyx—a cup-like cavity that supports the flowering buds in her garden environment. A vessel of spiritual abundance, worthy of providing gifts to gods and represents peace and safety for that which lives within.

Sand and pumice was mixed into red cadmium to create my vase’s skin and she sits atop the canvas face surrounded by broad golden earth colors and their tertiary compliment—purple. Aqua lives peacefully next to its compliment—red orange. Embedded glass allows us a new version of seeing because below the glass surface lives another layer which represents a new perspective of hope in our afterlife. A collage with vintage music represents another form of communication when words fail.

Painted while Harkrader was working at his Roanoke City downtown location on Church Avenue—not too long after he moved from Studios Off the Square Studios on Campbell Avenue. Harkrader shared a store front on Church Ave. with Atturro Zanella, master framer, who presently resides in Los Angeles.

‘Vase’ is from Harkrader’s Corolla Series, most of which are abstract floral compositions that were sold by Pamela Jean Gallery in Roanoke, Red Sky Gallery in Charlotte, Little Gallery at West Lake Town Center and from Harkrader’s studio on Church Avenue and later his studio on Albemarle Avenue.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Mount Asia

Throw-back 2005
Harkrader and his 'Mount Asia' Installation
at Studios-o-t-Square 126 W. Campbell Ave.
Self portrait by Harkrader

Studios 'Off The Square'

Throw-back 2006
Harkrader, C.J. Phillips and Max Mitchell
C.J.'s studio at Studio's On (off) the Square
Photo by Ellen Harkrader

Exhibit Posters

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Harkrader art agent, Francois, (Galerie Francois)
at the Harkrader studio on Albemarle Street (2012). 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

War Dog

"War Dog"

Photo of police dog taken on Mexican Independence Day, 2017,
in San Miguel de Allende by Harkrader. This day honored and
celebrated protagonist, Ignacio Allende, who was born in
San Miguel. A lieutenant of the Mexican revolution that
helped fight and win Mexico's independence from Spain.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The "Uncommon"

A screenplay, "The Uncommon"
written by Harkrader 2008-2011 (copyright 2011)
Harkrader designed the above poster using photographic images
he captured in the years preceding the story. His bride, Ellen,
his family SUV, a friend's dog, a storefront in Roanoke, 
the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains, and a local train
engine--all elements relevant to the very bizarre and original storyline.
Harkrader has written two screenplays and a five page synopsis for a
reality show, none of which have been optioned at this point.

Action Excerpt:
"Between earth and lower heaven,
Dove lands, morphing to Infant.
Winged arms with tiny hands struggle
to turn heaven's door knob. No access.
The milk white infant sheds the feathered remnants of
it's cocoon-like velvety hull. 
An umbilical cord emerges.  
Audible coos morph into an oration of vocal tones.
Angel of destiny, URIEL, hoists Infant into her bosom.
Heaven's entry expands.
Spiritual beings CHANT.
Classical elements of fire, earth, water and light
ABSORB into a black hole. 
Heaven's panoramic curtain closes. 
Thunderheads fold inward.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Doors of San Miguel

A Harkrader photograph (2017) of one of hundreds of doors located
on the streets of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
A fifteenth century city located in the central interior, located
approximately two hours north of Mexico City. Harkrader
and Ellen, there to visit friend, Eric Brady. Harkrader left two
paintings in San Miguel, one a small watercolor, an interior-plein
aire, a gift for their host, Eric. The second painting, a nude painted
from a model at the studio of Jonathan Williams, was secretly and
purposefully left inside a quaint shop located on the lower
end of Canal Street.

Rome 2007

Ellen and Harkrader (Rome 2007) attending the Julian Schnabel
exhibit located at the Palazzo Vinezia, a palace built in 1455,
now Rome's most eclectic museum.

Friday, January 6, 2017

"Harley and the Davidsons"

Razvan recently informed us that our old 1936 Plymouth has been used as an extra (police car) in the 2016 Discovery Channel series "Harley and the Davidsons" filmed in Romania by studio 'Castel Films'.
Photo: Courtesy Castel Films.

Harkrader painted two paintings of this old vehicle in it's original condition. The first painting was given to the previous owner in Texas. The second painting was during the late 1990's and sold from Harkrader's
Roanoke studio, Studios On (off) the Square in Roanoke, Virginia. (approx. 2005).

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Fashion Textures

Fashion Texture: An interesting look (detail) at surface textures
on my canvas as sun streams in the window at right-angle
onto one of the "Fashion Landscape" paintings.

Saturday, March 5, 2016


8" x 8" available

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Inglesia de La Santa Ana

Harkrader's painting, "Crucifixion Fragmenta" finds a home in
Panama at the church of Harkrader's father's baptism.
The Inglesia (Church) of Santa Ana recieves the canvas as delivered
by Harkrader and his wife, Ellen on Saturday, November 7 2015
in the historic neighborhood of Santa Ana (mother of Virgin Mary),
located in Panama City, Panama.Formalities were made and
papers were signed. Harkrader's version of the Trinity,
the crucifix, finds a new home.
 Inglesia de La Santa Ana was consecrated in 1764. The church is
located on the central plaza in the Santana neighborhood,
established in 1678. Cafe Coca-Cola, one of the oldest cafe's in the
city, is located across the plaza from the church.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

In Memory: Panama Family

Grandmother: Petronila

Grandfather: Robert, Sr.

Father: Robert, Jr. (Carlos)

Monday, September 28, 2015

"Crucifixion" looking for a (Church?) Home.

--Available & For Sale--
48" x48"
Oil on Canvas
Many artist through the ages have painted the crucifix.
This is Harkrader's.
A contemporay composition of the Trinity.
From Latin cruci fixus meaning...(one) fixed to a cross. Source = Wikipedia

Sunday, September 27, 2015

"X Word V & VI" Available

"X Word V & VI" 
 Horizontal Diptych:
12" x 57" or 12" x 48"
Mixed media on canvas.
Collage, fibers, and copper.

Vertical Diptych
57" x 12"
48" x 12" (without top 9x12 canvas)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

SOLD: "Zippered Landscape II"

SOLD: "Zippered Landscape II"
48" x 36" x 4"
Oil on canvas with zippers.
Heavily textured impressionistic painting with palette knife.
Within the cavities of the surface canvas live one
mirror in the top opening and another landscape painting
living below the surface of the bottom opening.
Thanks to 'Present Thyme' in Roanoke, VA.

SOLD: "Crossroads II"

Sold: "Crossroads II"
72" x 48" x 4"
Oil on Canvas
Collection SDRAM